Quality First©

The pace of change in the Cable industry today is moving swiftly. 

Although Vitel is leading the change in a manner that will forever transform the way we do business, we steadfastly hold dear the values of integrity, pride in our work, and fostering strong relationships with our partners.

As a key partner with Fortune 500 Companies, Vitel realizes the importance of not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations for performance excellence. 

We want to raise awareness of the importance of putting QUALITY FIRST©, as the means to achieve and sustain these expectations.

We have developed an agenda for action to demonstrate our commitment to QUALITY FIRST©

We are re-energizing and reinventing Vitel on two levels.   We are building an organization that can respond with exceptional innovation, speed and flexibility to intensive challenges in our business environment…..and, we are building an organization that is out in front of the fast-changing needs and expectations of the marketplace and our stakeholders. 

We are rededicating our efforts to ensure strong responsible leadership; creating strategies, processes and methods for achieving the highest standards of performance; and focusing on customer and employee satisfaction as never before.

We are upgrading our systems and managing our operations and performance results with data….building on our knowledge of the industry, our organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement.  .

We are ensuring our employees have all the necessary resources, tools, training, supervision and opportunities for maximizing their individual capabilities; and leveraging their intellectual capital to build high performance teams. 

We are proactively managing our business results in a manner that ensures organizational sustainability, and challenges us to reach for continuous improvement…thereby creating real long term value. 

Putting QUALITY FIRST© enables us to differentiate ourselves and our services from any other company in our industry today, and enables Vitel to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

For Vitel, QUALITY FIRST© is not just a one time event, but rather an ongoing journey of continuous improvement.  One that will enable both Vitel and Comcast to achieve improved profitability and world class results.

(© Copyright Vitel Communications, LLC 2006)