Mission & Vision

Vitel is a uniquely skilled, technically savvy, customer friendly, provider of in-home and business network installation, construction, and support services.

Our vision for Vitel is best described in the words of our CEO, David Jefferson:

QUALITY FIRST© is a way of life at Vitel. 

Our quest for Quality First© is part of our culture.  Every plan we make, every action we take is driven by the desire for quality and is keenly focused on providing the best level of service we can for our customers, our partners, and ourselves.

Our commitment to Quality First© is reflected in the pride we take in our accomplishments both on the job and in our personal lives.  It is an attitude that is internalized by each of us and at the same time, is outwardly demonstrated by the way we look, the way we communicate and in our performance of our daily work.

It is shown by our desire to build, nurture and preserve our ongoing relationships with our customers, our partners and our employees.  We are dedicated to improving the quality of our work lives, and our communities around the country as we raise the bar on the standards of performance wherever we have a presence.

Strategic planning paired with innovative thinking are key elements of our journey to excellence as the leading Cable installation and construction supplier in the country.  But the underlying theme guiding us through it all is QUALITY FIRST©

QUALITY FIRST© is not a one time program or event.  For Vitel it is an ongoing journey of continuous improvement.  One that will enable us to achieve our dream of being the best Employer and the Best Company in the industry